Building Up Lives Foundation is located at: 24441 Sunnymead Blvd, Moreno Valley California 92553

Homeless woman hugs volunteer Ruth; as Ruth takes off the woman’s soaking wet socks and put on clean warm socks to her feet.

FOUNDER/CEO is JulieAnn Stewart-Cleaveland

Building Up Lives Foundation is open 24/7 for Law Enforcement, Hospital staff, Healthcare, Nonprofits, Government agencies and those involved in SAVING LIVES through this hard time. Building Up Lives Foundation serves; abused children/adults, children that have lost a parent due to Covid-19, domestic violence victims, elderly persons, severely disabled adults, homeless persons, illiterate adults, persons living with AIDS, migrant farm workers, any HUMAN and all agencies that service them.

Building Up Lives Foundation provides:
Assistance with HUD, Covid-19 testing sites, HMIS, BH, AH, HHOPE, HomeConnect, Cal Fresh, EDD, California Victims Comp and Medi-Cal. Homeless can receive their mail at our address, Food, Clothing, Household items, Hygiene, blankets, Medical and Housing referrals.

SECOND HAND STORE and FOOD BANK Hours are: 12pm-7pm daily. ***COVID-19 HOURS. Our Second Hand Store closed, as we feel it is not essential, however the store is available for essentials to pull much needed items. We are currently servicing CURBSIDE 2pm-6pm to everyone, and 24/7 for essentials. We are being called into MORE after hours needs. We are limited in volunteers and this is our struggle, we need to HIRE. We are currently looking into grants so we can hire.

ENTIRE FUNDS FROM THE THRIFT STORE GO TO SUPPORT THE NONPROFIT to be able to offer 24/7 FREE to low cost help, emotional support, FREE clothing, needs, hot meals and food. CEO/Founder does not get a salary.

24/7 FREE to low cost services are: Curbside is available.
-Free Food to those in need,
-$20 Grocery donation (value $150-$250.. assisting the working poor),
-Suicide prevention,
-Abuse prevention,
-Support groups (online),
-Escape from Domestic Violence,
-Homeless aid,

-PTSD assistance,
-Child abuse prevention,
-HEALING from Childhood abuse.. any age can attend,
-Emotional Support.. in court and out,
-Outreach Programs,
-Motel Programs,
-Security and Safety classes/needs,
-Grief Support.. teen, seniors and adult,
-School Children can earn vouchers to shop in Building Up Lives Found
ation Thrift store with acts of kindness or Good Grades,
-Working Essentials can drop of older school children to do class inside (must text for availability and bring a laptop),
-70 inch TV for group needs (under construction),
-24 hour FREE Hot coffee/food for Law Enforcement/Health Care,
-resting area for essentials even on graveyard shift (must text prior to arrival).

-Homeless OUTREACH,

  • Those in need can get:
  • Free Clothing & Free Hygiene,
  • -Free Toys & Books,
  • -Free Household needs,
  • -Free Blankets and pillows,
  • -Free Jackets,
  • and emotional services
  • Donors, Private Donors, The Second hand thrift Store and $20 grocery donation FUNDS everything. Social Workers and Law Enforcement can REFER those in need for VOUCHERS to shop for items they are in need of, as well as food. Or those that work in serving the community in need can bring the client/person/family in on a referral; to get free clothing, food, hygiene and more. EACH PERON HAS SPECIFIC NEEDS AND THEY VARY… Building Up Lives Foundation try’s to meet ALL the needs.
  • Non Social Workers/Law Enforcement can Refer or ask about VOUCHERS/food by emailing: BuildingUpLivesFoundation@gmail.com Or text 951-550-5466

***TO ENTER THE BUILDING, You MUST wear a mask, you MUST wash your hands at the front door with water and soap, use hand sanitizer, have your temperature taken, and sign in. You will be given a slip, or application.

** You MUST make an appointment if before 2pm or after 6pm please call (951)-550-5466 text please. Office is (951)-247-3789

COVID-19 assistance curbside available. Pull up to sign and honk. We can use Credit Card if you are purchasing/donating.

Out of the box solutions to assist the NEW issues at hand.

A Special Thank You to all the Private Donors that make this happen. Building Up Lives Foundation thrives from private Donors and the heart of the residents that live and work in Moreno Valley… with special thanks to Moreno Valley Councilman David Marquez for a $500 donation toward our food bank, United Way for a $500 donation, Costco for a $300 donation, Home Depot for a $50 donation, Santa Clause Inc and Banana Republic for clothing donation, Light It Up Moval for a fundraiser… $ to be announced

HEALING and GIVING go hand in hand
LifeStream Blood Bank and CEO JulieAnn Stewart-Cleaveland
Soroptimist Volunteers
Volunteer Office Manager Tammy Bird and Keyton load items for the Riverbed homeless
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Little AnnaBella age 7 is CEO JulieAnn’s daughter; the two of them escaped Domestic Violence. In this photo her daughter fell asleep at a restaurant next to the courthouse. The two were exhausted, and with no family left they found shelter in a restaurant. At the same time; JulieAnn’s soon to be ex was stalking them. He traced her phone and she had to get law enforcement to step in. He followed her on social media and showed up at friends and business partners homes.