Save Lives Project

Save Lives Project: is a 24 hour Essential Building located in the HEART of Moreno Valley California.

With the purpose to assist Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Mental Health, Behavior Health, Social Services, Essentials and those in need with food, clothing, hygiene, household items, and other items at any given time.

As a Support Community Center; that assists the community with food, hygiene, PTSD help, and linking services such as Mental Health, HUD, HMIS, EDD, Cal Fresh, rapid re-housing through our partnerships. Building Up Lives Foundation currently assists those in need with filling out forms like Cal Fresh and Medical. Building Up Lives Foundation also offers assistance with Domestic Violence including Emotional Support people who go to Family Law Court with the victims of Domestic Violence and more. Building Up Lives Foundation is also a community center for Grief Support for those who have lost loved ones due to COVID-19.

She is beautiful and homeless.. we gifted her Christmas
GIVING to those impacted by COVID-19
Giving clothing to other nonprofits so they can assist the entire community
Homeless outreach to those effected by COVID 19. Special thank you to our men and women that have served, we LOVE our Military