Homeless Prevention

Building Up Lives Foundation will assist anyone off the streets or prevention of being homeless. We are currently seeing many families living in their vehicles. Before this was Pregnant women homeless.

If you are in need of a place please call…Riverside County HomeConnect; 1405 Spruce Street, Suite A Riverside, CA 92507 PHONE 1-800-498-8847

Homeless Housing Opportunities, Partnership & Education Program (HHOPE)

HHOPE manages, coordinates, and monitors all programs providing housing support services. Permanent support housing includes HUD grants, shelter plus care, men’s grant, women’s grant, The Path, The Place and the MHSA projects Rancho Dorado and Vintage at Snowberry.

1405 Spruce Street
Riverside, CA 92507
Phone:  (951) 715-5050
Fax: (951) 715-4986

“The PATH” & “The Place” Safehaven Programs

“The PATH,” and “The Place” are outreach and engagement programs for chronically homeless adults who, due to a serious mental health disorder, have rejected housing and resisted support. These programs provide a drop-in center that operates 24 hours a day and on-site low demand permanent supportive housing for 25 adults. The drop-in centers use peer-to-peer outreach and engagement to engage guests in accepting housing to access meals, showers, laundry, and linkage to a wide range of community resources. The Path and The Place are operated by Recovery Innovations of California, Inc. under contract with the Department of Mental Health.

The Place” Safehaven Program
2800 Hulen Place
Riverside, CA 92507
Phone: (951) 779-3057
Fax: (951) 275-0296