-No one listens to the victim, not even the Police. The abusers know how to make themselves look so charming while the victim screams in silence. NO MORE!!!! We need to take back our power. The only power abusers have is the victims fear. -C

-I’m still dealing with abuse, but chose to fight back while I get my ducks in a row. . I’m here to tell you that the lack of resources and help is what brought me back to my abuser. We are married. I left on a whim with the kids and we ended up sleeping behind a hospital. Family is no support for many people. It’s an abomination how many “supposed” agencies exist yet you have 1000 stipulations, wait lists, bad conditions, victim shaming or no space. I can write about that forever. -S

-After being abused for my entire marriage, stalked by him, he placed things placed in my food, he killed the children’s kittens, lastly he black and blued me.. I LEFT with no family and friends. When I left the Domestic Abusive marriage I realized that almost ZERO help was out there for me and my girls –Building Up Lives Foundation- Founder/CEO JulieAnn

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