Our Mission is to HEAL and REBUILD LIVES..

(Heal is an understatement now… COVID-19 has changed so many things)

by assisting those involved in hardships and abuse, with resources and support.

Building Up Lives Foundation is a 24/7 ESSENTIAL BUILDING and Mobile Community Crisis Unit. We are a 501 C3 nonprofit; EIN 83-1682841. We are located in the HEART of Moreno Valley at: 24441 Sunnymead Blvd, Moreno Valley, California 92553

Save Lives Project; is a 24 hour essential building; with the purpose to assist Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Mental Health, Social Workers and essentials with food, meals, clothing, blankets, toys, hygiene items, adult diapers/needs, masks, and various items at any given time.

We are a Community Support Center that assists with food, clothing, hygiene, PTSD help, and services like homelessness, rapid re-housing through our partnerships to anyone in need.

Food Bank – One side of our essential building is a Food Bank with seven commercial freezers and refrigerators.

Building Up Lives Foundation currently assists those in need with filling out forms like Cal Fresh, EDD, HMIS, SSI, Housing and Medical. Building Up Lives Foundation has a Mobile Community Crisis Unit (in planning) that is going to assist the community with a faster way to sign up with services.

Homeless Project- Homeless can get mail at the Building Up Lives Foundation address, as well use the address for job purposes too. In which Building Up Lives Foundation gives out FREE suits and work clothing from our Store.

Building Up Lives Foundation also offers assistance with Domestic Violence including Emotional Support people who go to Family Law Court with the victims and; a community center for Grief Support for those who have lost loved ones due to COVID-19.

Pet Adoptions and RESCUE– Many homeless have pets that need to be fostered until they get on their feet. Building Up Lives Foundation works with Early’s Reptile and Small Critter Rescue to do just that.

Building Up Lives Foundation SHOP FOR A CAUSE STORE opened with the need of funding to keep our doors open.

Hours are: Tuesday- Friday 12pm-7pm, Saturday 3pm-8pm LIVE PET ADOPTIONS AND GIVEAWAYS On Saturdays~ vary on weather for the animals

WE ARE IN THIS COVID ISSUE TOGETHER… Building Up Lives Foundation is creating new ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS to this issue.

This includes:

  • COVID assistance
  • MOTEL assistance
  • HOMELESS assistance
  • HOMEOWNER assistance
  • RENTER assistance
  • AGENCY/BUSINESS assistance
  • Domestic Violence Prevention
  • Food and Meals
  • Clothing
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Support Person
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Education
  • Self Esteem Classes
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Safety Education and Resources
  • Self Defense and gun safety
  • Transportation/DELIVERY
  • Room and Board Coalition founding members
  • Peer Support Specialist
  • SPEAKERS.. who have LIVED and SURVIVED
  • BY APPOINTMENT (951) 550-5466 text 24/7

EMAIL: BuildingUpLivesFoundation@gmail.com

PHONE: 951-550-5466

Building Up Lives Foundation, offers the information on this website as a service to internet users and our members. Although the information on this site is about legal issues and informational services, it is not legal advice.

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